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How Do I Invite Suppliers/Sellers to Private RFP's and Sealed Bids?

Private RFP's & Sealed Bids: Sometimes Buyers wish to remain anonymous to the general public and want ito invite a group of pre-qualified Sellers/Suppliers and Buyers.

You have two methods to invite buyers or sellers in Forward Auctions & Procurement/RFP Modules

a. Go to Account Management "RFP Management" and click on "Invited User List", next create a list name, then search the iSolar Exchange membership directory by name and choose who you want to ivite. In the RFP you are creating, click on the name of the List you want to use, then Click on the two buttons to make the RFP Private and to mail the list.

b. Use the "Invited Bidders by Email Address", just list buyer's email address and click on Submit Email, you can invite both registered and non-registered users. Invited Buyers will receive an email with a link to log-in or register and once logged in, will be sent to the Private RFP.

c. You can use both Option A & B in the same auction. Click on the two buttons to make the RFP Private and to mail the list.


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