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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fee's for Buyers
BUYER RFP/Procurement Fees

Buyer: There is "NO COST" for you to create and post an "RFP", either "Sealed Bid" or "Reverse Auction".

Posting a Sealed Bid or Reverse Auction is "Free"

These are "optional" added fee-paid features for Public Viewed Procurement Auctions. These extra features are not needed for "Private Events".

  • Home Page Featured Item: Your item will randomly appear in the home page. Cost: $ 25.00 USD
  • Category Featured Item:Your item will randomly appear in the relative category page. Cost: $ 25.00 USD
  • Bold Item: Your item's title will always appear in bold. Cost: $ 20.00 USD
  • Highlighted Item: Your item will always appear with a highlighted background. Cost: $ 15.00 USD

  • These additional features are not required and you can post a RFP without using these features.

    These optional features are paid via PayPal when the RFP is created and before the RFP is posted.

    Fee's for Bidders (Sellers)
    Bidder's (Sellers): will pay iSolar Exchange a transaction fee of 1% based on the total winning bid. - Example $ 100,000.00 transaction = $ 1,000.00 USD.

    Bidders should factor the transaction fee cost into their selling price & margins.

    Site Directory
    The iSolar Exchange Site Directory gives you control and access to all iSolar Exchange functions and Account Management.


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