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Buyer's Transaction Rules
iSolar Exchange Procurement Buyer's agrees to the Following Transaction Rules

1. By publishing a "Request for Purchase" (RFP) on this site, buyer is stating that they have a real project and they are ready to make a purchase, and are not using the site to shop for pricing on a future project or to leverage existing suppliers.

2. Buyer can cancel a project prior the bid starting time without advance notification.

3. By submitting a "Request for Purchase" (RFP), a buyer agrees they are entering into a legal binding contract to complete the transaction with the Seller if the Seller is the winning bidder and meets buyer's published RFP documents, specifications and terms & conditions.

4. If Buyer determines a sellers does not meet the RFP posted specifications and requirements, buyer may request via e-mail to iSolar Exchange the RFP be awarded to next lowest qualified seller.

5. To be liable for all Sales and Use Tax and /or provide Seller a Certificate of Exemption.

6. To remit full payment for the RFP in the amount of the RFP closing price, Sales Tax (where applicable) and registration fees as specified under the terms & conditions in the "Request for Purchase" to the Seller.

7. Buyers may post RFP's that are directed to one or more potential Sellers. Buyer has the option to keep it's RFP's confidential to itself, and a pre-approved list of Sellers. Buyer can block suppliers from bidding on a public listed project by using the Buyer's "Black List".

8. Buyers can post an unlimited number of RFP's and understands the low bidder will be automatically selected as the winning bidder. Buyers, however, are solely responsible for their ability to meet all financial commitments made pursuant to any purchase orders with suppliers.

9. Buyers will respond to posted questions raised by Sellers in the forum located in each RFP home page as they prepare appropriate bid responses to the RFP.

10. Buyers can modify and change the RFP start time and closing time, prior to the original bidding start time.

11. If Buyer has requested pricing and received pricing from other sellers prior to publishing an RFP, Buyer agrees to notify and invite those suppliers so they have an opportunity to submit a bid on the published "Request for Purchase".

12. To agree not to manipulate the price of any products or services offered on the iSolar Exchange, either through the use of shills, alias or decoys, or by acting as a seller in respect of such purposed sale

13. Buyer agrees not to bypass the online procurement service and negotiate a listed RFP outside the site with Seller once a RFP is published on site.

Seller's Transaction Rules
iSolar Exchange Procurement Seller's agrees to the Following Transaction Rules

1. There is no requirement that a Seller respond to any RFP, even an RFP that is directed specifically to their company.

2. Sellers are solely responsible for validating the Buyer's credit worthiness and buying authority based on their own criteria prior to bidding.

3. Sellers may respond to any RFP they can view and are invited too on the Site, unless black Listed by the buyer.

4. It is the Seller's responsibility to determine if Seller can produce the product or provide the service that is required by the buyer.

5. Seller understands and agrees that any bid they submit to the buyer is solely based on the buyer's published RFP specifications, drawings, contract documents, and terms & conditions. There will be no substitution, or value engineering, or modification of terms and Seller is required to provide the products or services specified for the bid amount submitted. Seller understands the RFP will be awarded to the lowest bidder. Buyer may award the RFP to the next lowest qualified bidder if the low bidder does not meet all the buyers published requirements in the RFP.

6. To provide all lien information necessary to clear title to Buyer.

7. To provide all title transfer documentation and information for Buyer to register equipment or vehicles.

8. To transfer any warranties when applicable.

9. To pay all Auction Transaction fees according to iSolar Exchange Transaction Fee schedules.

10. To accept final payment equal to the auction closing price.

11. To provide a Bid Bond via fax if one is required, and a payment and performance bond if required by the buyer and the bonding requirements are in the published RFP.

12. To agree not to manipulate the price of any products or services offered on the iSolar Exchange website, either through the use of shills, alias or decoys, or by acting as a seller in respect of such purposed sale

13. To agree not to bypass the auction service and negotiate a listed auction outside the site with Buyer.

14. Seller (Bidder) will pay an iSolar Exchange Transaction fee of 1% of the winning bid.

Site Overview & Website Rules
Each iSolar Exchange Website has specific Website Rules (accessible from the footer of each website) that apply to that specific iSolar Exchange website (Forward, Procurement, Stores, Classifieds), and are incorporated herein by reference.

By agreeing to this Agreement, and then subsequently using an iSolar Exchange Website, you are agreeing to comply with the specific Website Rules for such eSolar Exchange Websites.

iSolar Exchange Reverse Auction & Sealed Bids

The RFP/Percurement Portal of iSolar Exchange acts as a venue to allow the iSolar Exchange buyers and sellers to offer, sell and buy Solar and renewable energy products, equipment, tools, raw materials and other items at anytime, from anywhere, in a Reverse Auction or Sealed Bid format. iSolar Exchange is not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers.
As a result, we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items, advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of sellers to sell products or the ability of buyers to buy products.

We cannot ensure that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction. By using the iSolar Exchange web site, you agree to the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions which govern your use of the site. By clicking on the "I Agree" button, you acknowledge your agreement to these Terms and Conditions and enable you to proceed with the registration. If you do not accept these terms, and conditions, and wish to discuss or amend them please contact INFO@iSOLAREXCHANGE.COM. We recommend that you print a copy for your records.


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