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Sealed Bids
Operating much like the traditional RFP procurement process, the iSolar Exchange "Competitive Sealed Bid" procurement tool provides an option for buyers to post a Request for Purchase (RFP) for specific goods or services. Over a period of days or weeks, suppliers view the RFP online and place secure bids (bids that cannot be viewed by others).

At the close of the sealed bid auction, the iSolar Exchange system awards the RFP to the low bidder. This tool is most useful when regulations require that pricing be obtained through sealed bid competition.

The iSolar Exchange "Competitive Sealed Bid Auction" will fulfill most if not all government, institutional and corporate "Request for Purchase" (RFP) requirements. The "competitive Sealed Bid" format allows purchasing professionals to create customized competitive sealed bid auctions.

iSolar Exchange "Sealed Bid Auction" is flexible, and will simplify the procurement process and reduce your procurement overhead cost. Because all activity is conducted over the Internet, time is saved and paperwork reduced.

Buyers can reach a larger and more competitive supplier base.



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