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How to Bid - Standard Auction
  • To bid on an item, type your maximum bid amount in the box next to the item description, and click the 'Go' button.Your bid must be above the Minimum Bid amount specified in the box.

  • Your bid must meet the mininum "Reserve Bid", this is the mininum price the Seller will accept. If no bidder meets the mininum reserve price, the auction will close without a winner.

  • You will be asked to confirm your bid. Fill in your username and password and click 'Submit' to complete your bid.

Note*** Maximum bid and proxy bid are the same thing.

  • To place a proxy bid, just enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay.
  • Automatic bids will be placed for you up to your maximum amount. Using proxy bidding, you can win the item at the lowest possible price.

  • Your maximum is only placed when a competing bidder bids the same amount.

  • Please note that if the current high bidder's maximum bid is higher than the bid you place, you are immediately outbid because your bid is not high enough to beat the earlier maximum bid.

  • Remember: Proxy bidding will confidentially & automatically bid up to your maximum, but in order to avoid being outbid, you must have the highest maximum bid.

  • Also, if another bidder placed a higher maximum bid, your bid will increase to your maximum bid because proxy bidding bids on your behalf up to your maximum bid.

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Dutch Auctions
Dutch Auctions are used to sell multiple quantities of the same item. They allow sellers to sell the same item in various quantities as one single lot in an auction.

With a Dutch Auction the items do not have to be listed separately saving time. In a Dutch Auction, all the winning bidders pay the same price.

The final price is determined by the lowest winning bid. So, even if your bid is higher than the lowest winning bid, you will still pay the lower amount.

The highest bidders of the available quantities win, and the lowest bid within the group of winners sets the final price.

As an example, if three people bidone of three items, the price each bidder would pay would be the third highest bidder's bid amount and each would receive one item as per their bid. If there are multiple buyers bidding various quantities in a lot the highest bidders are the ones that get first service.

The highest bidders' request for their quantities will be honored, while quantities last. In other words, the lowest winning bidder may not get the quantity they wanted.

Therefore, it is not always good to be the lowest successful bidder. The highest bidder will get theirs first which may leave you with just one item, or an amount less than you wanted.

If you want more than one of an item in a Dutch Auction don't be stingy with your maximum bid.

By maximizing your bid you may win your requested quantitiy and pay the lowest winning bid price instead of paying the lowest bid price with only one item.