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Private Business Network

One of the most powerful features in iSolar Exchange is the ability for all members to create their own "Private Auction" or "Private Business Network and Exchange" and do business with buyers or sellers without having these transactions viewed in the public domain.

Private Auction is a standard optional feature in both the "Standard Auction" and the "Procurement Module". Members can create any number of Invited Member Lists. You can use transaction specific criteria to pre-qualified and pre-approve Private Business Network Buyers or Suppliers. Members use their own specifications and standards to create each deal.

Your invited members can create different user accounts, or even an auction specific identity, giving them the ability to remain anonymous from other invited members, only you know their identity.

Members can maintain a public and a private persona from other competing members. Privacy provides protection from public awareness of your transactions, so you can reduce pricing, introduce and test new products and liquidate excess inventory without your competitors knowing.

Only the member who sets up the "Private Network" and creates the "Invited User List" and sends out the Auction or RFP invitations will know everyone's identity. Strategy and tactics plays a key role in these transactions, especially in the reverse auction transactions.

Solar Developer and EPC contractors can get pricing for a specific project from a number of invited manufacturers, or distributors.

Distributors can use reverse auctions to negotiate pricing and even do backside deals with a number of manufacturers for regional, national global or annual purchases.

Manufacturers and distributors can sell off and liquidate excess inventory to a select list of preferred and pre-qualified buyers in complete privacy protecting their public market pricing and margins.

Solar developers as buyers can invite EPC contractors to bid on major projects in private without revealing project information to the general public or competitors.

Manufacturers can invite a list of select distributors to sell or make purchases from a list of specific suppliers.

Owners and developers can buy and sell Solar Renewable Credits with a select list of buyers or sellers.