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Advanced Features

iSolar Exchange has a number of special features to give you a wide range of Auction options.

Reserve Seller Pricing: Set the minimum selling price for the item placed up for sale.

Proxy or Automated Bidding: The computer will place incremental bids up to a Buyer's set price limits. This proxy limit is not visible to the seller.

When someone else places a bid, the system automatically places a new bid for you till your price limit is reached. The system will notify you by e-mail if bidding exceeds your limit, so you can make adjustments.
Buy Now: The ability for a seller to name a price they will sell the item for now, and for a buyer to make an instant purchase.

Name Your Own Price: Buyer can submit a price they are willing to pay for an item to a seller. Seller has 24-hours to accept or decline the offer.

Dutch Auctions: for selling multi units of one item.

Item Watch: Enter keywords for an item you are looking to buy. When the item matching your keywords comes up for auction, you will be notified via e-mail.

Auction Watch: Will notify you when a bid has been place or auction times have changed.

Private Auctions:Invite pre-qualified buyers for reducing excess inventories, product liquidations, to determine market price points and changes in market conditions.

Private Auctions allow you to reduce inventory, sell seconds and B-grade materials without exposing the sale event and auction pricing to the general market

Buy or Sell the Following
Buy or Sell any of the Following

Solar, Wind, Hydro and renewable energy products - new & seconds.

Solar, Wind, Hydro and renewable energy raw materials - new & seconds.

Solar, Wind, Hydro and renewable energy equipment - new & used.

Outdated and Excess Inventories.

Production Over-Runs & Seasonal Specials.

Factory odds lots, returns and discontinued products.

Leased Capital Equipment Returns.

Real Estate for solar and wind

Real Estate leases

Business Liquidations

Buy and sell Renewable Energy Credits, and Tax Credits

Computer Software

EPC Installation Services

Site Engineering and Design Service

Finance and Insurance Options.