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Standard Forward Auction Overview
The Standard Auction Module is a basic forward auction environment for selling anything via the auction process to the highest bidder.

The Standard Auctions is based on the eBay Auction model and provides all the same operational features.

We use PayPal for secure credit card & check transactions, no credit information is stored @ isolar ExChange.

We use the same Capital Finance & Leasing and Escrow Services as eBay.

Use the Standard Auction Portal to sell materials, products, equipment, services to the highest bidder.

Buy & Sell The Following Products & Services
Buy or Sell any of the Following

Solar, Wind, Hydro and renewable energy products - new & seconds.

Solar, Wind, Hydro and renewable energy raw materials - new & seconds.

Solar, Wind, Hydro and renewable energy production equipment - new & used.

Outdated and Excess inventories.

Production Over-Runs & Seasonal Specials.

Factory odds lots, returns and discontinued products.

Leased Capital Equipment Returns.

Real Estate for solar and wind

Real Estate leases

Business Liquidations

Buy and sell Renewable Energy Credits, and Tax Credits

Computer Software

EPC Installation Services

Site Engineering and Design Services

Finance and Insurance Options.