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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is My Account Management Control Panel?
You will find a link "My Account" to your Account Management Control Panel in the top menu row and also in the footer after you have logged in.

Just click on the link named "My Account".

You will go the Account Management box and can edit your personal data, as well as edit and relist auctions you have posted.
How Do I Edit My Personal Information?
Login and go to the "My Account" button at the top of the page or in the footer.

Click on the edit "My Personal Profile" button. You can change your password, address and other personal information.

This is also where you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter.
Auction Management
The Auction Management link opens the control panel to manage both selling and buying.

Here you can control all the user functions for posting auctions and bids.
Post An Auction
Click on " Auction Button" and the "Sell link" on the drop down menu to start a new Auction.
Seller's Perferences
Here you can standardize a number of user options when you post a new auction
My Active Auctions
By clicking on this link, you have a list of all your active auctions.
Closed Auctions
Clicking on this link will reveal the history of all the standard auctions you have posted.
Name Your Price Offers
"Name-Your-Own-Price" (NYOP) lets both, Buyer and Seller haggle over pricing and both influence the price of a product or service.

If you choose to use the "Name Your Price" option your auction will display an icon button, the buyer can click and enter the amount they would like to pay for the item r service.

You as the seller will receive an email with the "Name-Your-Price-offer".

Go to your control panel to accept or decline the "Name-Your-Price" offer.

If you accept the offer the auction will end.

If you decline the offer the auction will continue as is.

You have 24-hours to accept or decline the offer

The Buyer can resubmit a new price, if the first price is declined.

The Name Your Price offer will not show as a bid on the auction page.

Note: Other buyers will still be able to bid on the auction. If the auction receives a bid while a "Name Your Price" offer is pending, the bid offer will become invalid and the bid will show on the auction page.

Name Your Price offers will follow our bid increment.

There is a $ 25.00 processing fee to the seller that is charged when the auction is created and the Seller chooses the NYPO option.

E-Mail Preferences - for Notices
By going to the Account Management portal, you can choose what level of email notifications you want.

Click on to Perferences and choose.

Do you want to subscribe to our newsletter?

Do you want to receive auction confirmation emails?

Do you want to receive out bid notification emails?

Do you want to receive auction ending with no winner emails?

Block Bidder Listing
Login and go to your control panel, click on Black Lists from the user menu choices.

To create a new Black List, just enter the title of the Black List you want to create. You may have unlimited Black Lists. Once you have created the list, you will need to add the users to the list that you want to block from accessing your listed items.

To add a user's name to the list, click on the list name from the create a List page. You will be taken to a page where you may enter the users' usernames.

You will need to enter the username of the person(s) you want to add to the list.

You may search for a user by User Name to find the users' correct username you may want to add to your Black list.
You may delete a user at anytime. You may also delete any list you have created by clicking on the delete button on the main Black Lists page.