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Frequently Asked Questions

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Edit Your Personal Profile
Login and go to your control panel, click on the edit my personal profile link. Once there you will be able to change your password, address and other personal information that you may want to change. This is also where you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter.
Ad Watch
Ad watch is found in the Classified Ads Account Management Control Panel and is similar in features as the Auction Watch Feature.

Ad Watch is your assistant to keep an eye on Ads which are opened pertaining to your keywords.

To use this feature, insert keyword(s) into the Ad Watch list that you are interested in. When these keywords appear in an auction's title or description, you will receive an e-mail informing you that an Ad has been opened containing your keyword(s). You may also add a user's nickname and if that user opens an Ad you will get notification by e-mail. All keywords must be separated by a space when entering into your Ad Watch list.

Item & Ad Watch
Item & Ad watch notifies you when someone places an Ad with the "key words" that you have added to your Item Watch List. Go to your "My Account" and select Item Watch to enter your items.
How Do I Set Up A Blocked User List?
Login and go to your control panel, click on Blocked User List or Black List from the user menu choices.

To create a new Blocked User List, just enter the title of the Blocked User List you want to create.

You may have unlimited Blocked User Lists. Once you have created the list, you will need to add the users to the list that you want to block from accessing your listed items.

To add a user's name to the list, click on the list name from the “create a List page”. You will be taken to a page where you may enter the users' usernames. You will need to enter the username of the person(s) you want to add to the list.

You may search for a user by “User Name” find the users' correct username you may want to add to your Blocked User List. You may delete a user at anytime. You may also delete any list you have created by clicking on the delete button on the main Blocked User Lists page.
View my feedback?
Go to the Acount Management Control Panel, click on view feedback.
Ad Management - Doing Bulk Ads
Go to the Acount Management Control Panel in the Classified Ad module, click on Bulk Ads and follow the directions
Ad Management - Active Ads
This link will show you current active Classified Ads.
Ad Management - Closed Ads
In the Classified Ads Control Panel, thie "Closed Ads" link will show previously posted Classifed Ads that are closed and no longer active.
Ad Management - Bulk UpLoaded Ads
In the Classified Ad's My Account Control Panel, this link will allow you to manage Bulk Uploaded ads and process.


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