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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Place an Classified Ad
To place a Classified Ad you must be a "Registered User". If you are not registered please click on to the Register Button and complete the membership form.

Please read the "Terms & Conditions" before agreeing to the terms.

Click onto the "Post Ad Button", this will open the "Place an Ad" page

Choose a Title for the Item or Service you want to sell,buy or for a Want Ad

Write a detail description of what you are selling, or for what you are requesting or offering. The more detail you give the better the response will be.
(i) You may give a phone number and e-mail address, or you can leave out this information.

(ii) A person interested in contacting you can post a question with their contact information; this will be e-mailed to you.

(iii)You can then respond to the inquiry without having to publish your phone number or e-mail address to the public.
You may upload one photo or graphic (GIF, JPEG) at no additional cost

Up to 5 Additional photos or graphics can be uploaded into a picture gallery; the cost is $ 10.00 USD for up to 5-photos.
If selling, Insert the number of Items you are selling

Insert a price for the amount you want to sell an item for.

If you are placing a Want Ad, you do not have to insert a dollar value

The cost for the Basic Classified Ad is free

The Duration of the Ad is 30-days.

You can delete a Classified Ad once you sell an item or not longer need to run the ad in your Control Panel.

List the Zip Code and the Country

Choose your shipping options

Chose your payment options

Choose a category that describes your ad.
To increase you Classified Ad's visibility you may want to choose among the following options:

Home Page Featured Item: Your item will randomly appear in the home page. Cost: 10.00 USD

Category Featured Item: Your item will randomly appear in the relative category page. Cost: 10.00 USD

Bold Item: Your item's title will always appear in bold Cost: 10.00 USD

Highlighted Item: Your item will always appear with a highlighted background. Cost: 5.00 USD

These options are not required to post.

Submit Ad, and pay your Classified Service Fee via PayPal



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