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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Classified Ads Cost?
The cost for the Classified Ad is FREE.
Increase Your Classified Ad's Visibility with Paid Options
When you create a new Classified Ad, the basic Classified AD cost is "Free" and you can upload one (1) photo or graphic for FREE.

To increase your ads visibility you can check off the following "Paid Options" when you create your Classified Ads.

Home Page Featured Item: Your item will randomly appear in the home page. Cost: $ 10.00 USD.

Category Featured Item: Your item will randomly appear in the relative category page. Cost: $ 10.00 USD

Bold Item: Your item's title will always appear in bold Cost: $ 10.00 USD

Highlighted Item: Your item will always appear with a highlighted background. Cost: 5.00 USD
These options are not required to post.

Submit Ad, and pay Classified Service Fee via PayPal. This is a secured transaction, we do not ask for any credit card information. All service fee transactions are handled via PayPal using your own personal or business account.



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