Securing Buying and Selling

iSolar Exchange is focused on providing a safe and secure transaction and procurement for all global users.

We partner with the leading global online payment and escrow services to deliver a high level of security for buyers and sellers.


PayPal offers customers:

  • Buying and selling without sharing personal or business information
  • Tools and tips to help fishing (phishing) and identity theft
  • The latest anti-fraud protection with 24/7 account monitoring
  • A clear and simple process for reporting a problem
iSolar Exchange partners with PayPal for payment processing to provide the highest level of security for both sellers and buyers.

Setting up a secure PayPal account is easy, simply click on the image below to get started.


Paypal for Buyers

PayPal offers buyers:

  • $0 liability for eligible unauthorized purchases when requirements are met
  • refunds for incorrect orders or items that never arrive
  • and a convenient process for resolving problems

PayPal's Purchase Protection coverage is included at no extra cost to you.

View complete details in the security section on PayPal's website.

PayPal for Buyers

PayPal for Sellers

PayPal offers sellers:

  • protection from buyer claims and chargebacks
  • a convenient process for responding to disputes
  • seller verification and buyer address confirmation

PayPal's policies and processeses are designed to work with sellers to resolve issues as outlined in the PayPal agreement.

U.S. and Non U.S. accuount holders can find full details on PayPal's website in FAQs and in their user agreement received at signup.


iSolar Exchange partners with Escrow.com to provide online escrow services to facilitate and accelerate eCommerce exchanges transacted on iSolarExchange.com by assuring secure settlement. Escrow.com's services are especially key for high value transactions that iSolar Exchange enables for the global solar and renewable marketplace.

The Company was founded in 1999 by Fidelity National Financial and has established itself as the leading provider of secure business and consumer transaction management on the Internet. .

Escrow.com is the only nationally fully accredited and licensed company protecting buyers and sellers online. That is why companies such as Ebay choose Escrow.com, GoDaddy, Cars.com , and Auto Trader select Escrow.com for their customers.